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Agile coach
for agile transformation

Do you want to make your organization agile?

I advise and accompany you in the development of your organization towards agility.

I can help you if:
• Your company must be fit for future challenges.
• You want to react more flexibly and quickly to changing environments.
• Your organization needs to change effectively.
• For you, agility is more than just a buzzword.
• it is still unclear how your company can become more agile.
• Former best practices no longer work today.
• You want to prepare for turbulent times.

Why is agile transformation about?

It's about self-organization, about the distribution of authority, about new roles, about different directions, about innovative tools and working methods and about effective meetings and decision-making processes - without your organization slipping into chaos. Agile transformation creates the basis for remaining efficient in a rapidly changing environment (VUCA).
You need the ability to change, to learn and to innovate.

And how do you manage to become agile?

This can be learned with new forms of leadership, cooperation, organization, control and methods

Good reasons for companies to become (more) agile - you can achieve this:

• You are more resilient.
• They are more adaptive and able to learn.
• You can adapt and react more quickly to external circumstances.
• You react flexibly to customer needs.
• You make better and faster decisions.
• You are more successful in the market.
• You are fit for the future.
• You are more attractive as a business partner, as a supplier and for investors.
• They are more attractive to employees.

The following are the key areas and issues we will work on together. In this way, we will pave the way for you to successfully carry out the agile transformation in your company under the best possible conditions and with minimal resistance.



As an agile coach, I unite the trainer, the systemic coach, the facilitator, the organizational developer and the mentor. With regard to agile transformation, I have in-depth knowledge and experience in this area to accompany, coach and guide you in a successful agile transformation in your company.

Call me and we can discuss in detail your plans regarding agile transformation and support as an agile coach .

My working places:

  • Germany: München, Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Stuttgart
• Online Agile Coach & Online-Taining

Tomas Wulkop - Trainer, Agile Coach & Management Consultant    |   tomas@wulkop.de   |   https://www.wulkop.de