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Your consultant for the digital transformation
your business models

The development of digitization in our society, which is reflected in its transformation and changes in the entire market, has become a key factor for the future of all companies.
Due to this recent development, companies are more than ever required to adjust their perspective on the digital economy in order to exploit this source and benefit from it. With this new challenge, it is no longer enough for companies to introduce new processes and products - but to develop innovador business areas with a high added value in digitization.
Design new and future-proof value-added processes with digital transformation and at the same time open up new business areas in future markets for your company.
With stimulating and motivating workshops, I will teach you methods, functional procedures and the innovative way of thinking of startups, which you will absolutely need to successfully design a digital transformation in your company.
I advise and accompany you in the redesign and implementation of your digital value-added processes with the necessary expertise and many years of experience that I have gained in business analysis, project, process and change management.


• Imparting an understanding of digital business models and recognizing the degree of digitization of your company.
• Your company's value-added activities are examined for digitization potential and the strengths and weaknesses are determined by the degree of digital maturity.
• You will learn how to develop products and services using modern and innovative processes.
• You are involved in the development or change of a digital business model and with the corresponding design of a product or service for your company.
• You know how innovations are implemented in the company and determine the right digitization for the corporate strategy.


• I support companies in the transformation into the digital business world and prepare them for digitization.
• I advise companies on identifying areas with digitization potential and which are crucial for the digital transformation.
• I convey professional methods as well as "best practices" that are necessary for the realization of the digital transformation.
• With the methods and know-how learned, the company is well equipped to independently design digitization in order to act in a future-oriented and successful manner. There is nothing standing in the way of independently recognizing new digitization potential and driving forward the development of the necessary business models.


•You set up a functional and efficient digital unit in your company.
• You design your own digitization project startup, which serves as the basis (framework) for further digital transformation projects in your company.
• With the methods used, you will independently continue the digital transformation in the company. Your company is now in a position to independently exploit your digitization potential and promote the development of new business models.
• You develop and promote the necessary innovation approach in the company.
• You use professional and at the same time simple methods that enable a sustainable digital transformation to ensure the future of your company.
• The improvement of value-added activities and the design of new business models that are achieved from the use of your digitization potential create a significant competitive advantage that is reflected in a better market presence and higher sales and earnings for your company.

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